Clever Free with the EU Ecolabel certificate

Clever Free with the EU Ecolabel certificate

Clovin S.A. company can boast of another success. Clever Free -The ecological washing powder we have created has obtained the EU Ecolabel certificate confirming that the ecological criteria established by the European Commission have been met. To obtain a positive decision of the President of the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification, our product has recently undergone a series of tests carried out by certified research units.

EU Ecolabel, what is it?

EU Ecolabel (colloquially called daisy) is an ecological mark established by the European Commission in 1992 in order to distinguish products that meet high environmental standards, as well as proves that products marked with it are environmentally friendly, meet high quality and health standards by the whole life cycle of the product: from extraction of raw materials to production, packaging and transport, to the way of use and utilization. Demanding product evaluation criteria are established by the European Union Ecolabelling Board with the participation of scientists, experts and representatives of all interested parties, including consumers and environmental organizations

Washing can be ecological

Clever Free washing powder is the first Polish powder that has obtained the EU Ecolabel certificate. Its composition has been deprived of phosphates responsible for the development of cyanobacteria, as well as zeolites causing the death of the bottom of water bodies, and its total biodegradability was confirmed by the Institute of Industrial Chemistry of the Polish Centre for Accreditation. It is a hypoallergenic powder that does not contain allergens, so it can be used by people with sensitive skin prone to irritation. In addition, it is a highly concentrated powder, which achieves its effectiveness at already 30 ° C, which contributes to the rational management of natural resources.